The Wholefood Farmacist

Hi. My name is Di’anne and I am The Wholefood Farmacist.

I am dedicated to Raising Humanity’s Self Care Awareness through the use of Wholefood Education, and Healthy Living Principles.

The Wholefood Farmacist website is a work in progress and from time to time you will see changes and updates. I would really love it if you would please join me on my Facebook page where you will discover many recipes and ideas which will hopefully enspire you towards your ultimate health and wellbeing the way mother nature intended.

About Di’anne – The Wholefood Farmacist

I am an Internationally Acclaimed and Certified Raw Food Chef, Reiki Practitioner, Speaker and Wholefood Coach. My passion is to educate the masses on how they can take their health to the next level by concentrating on Wholefood & Self Care Principles.

I have had my fair share of health challenges throughout my life.  My biggest challenge was maintaining a healthy weight.  My weight has fluctuated pretty much my whole life.  I have experienced just about every yo yo diet out there.  They are yo yo diets because they seem to work at the time, and then when you stop you yo yo back to the weight your were plus some.

My latest weight challenge was 5 yrs ago.  I weighed 86 kg and I had had enough.  It was time for change, and time for permanet change.  I embarked on my journey, starting with my pantry, how I shopped, how I cooked, and how I ate.  It took me 2 years of research and changes to achieve my goal of a healthy weight.  I have now maintained this for almost 3 years.  I lost 23 kg.

In reality my journey will benefit most people profoundly, in many ways both internally and externally.  I empower individuals to become self sufficient and manage any medical problems and weight issues naturally with wholefoods.


With the help of some amazing mentors I have the Wisdom, Knowledge, and Guidance, to empower people to achieve their ultimate health.

Raising humanities self care awareness is a tall order but one in which I take very seriously, and strive with the utmost passion to pursue every day.

I believe that food should come from nature and not the chemist, and your body deserves the very best you can give it. After all your  “Health is your true Wealth in Life”!

We all need to eat the best foods that we can, but what is equally important is where we source our food from and how we prepare our food. This is where I excel in coming up with simple, easy, and time effective ideas.

I will share wisdom and years of experience with anyone who wants to learn.

To date I have appeared at many events around the country and overseas, and many people have commented after seeing me live, that they have gone away with much more knowledge than they ever thought they would obtain.

The Wholefood Farmacist is about:

  • Whole Food Education
  • Taking control of your own health through self care awareness
  • Revitalising your life by improving your health and wellbeing NATURALLY
  • Learning all about recipes that can HEAL the body
  • Learning tips and tricks that are quick, easy, and cost effective to implement

Raw Mediterranean Pizza

“Sick and Tired” of being “Sick and Tired” – I can help increase your quality of life and wellbeing.

Come and meet me ‘The Wholefood Farmacist’ as I take you on a rawsome wholefood journey, and show you how YOU TOO can LIVE a life of Ultimate Health and FREEDOM.